Our audiovision team develops multimedia materials about library events, news about our service offerings, and also helps patrons create their own audio-visual content.  Our team also acquires, publishes, and archives records of events, conferences, seminars, and lectures organized here and is considering future strategies for publishing and archiving of video recordings.

Our team plans and develops other projects. Our goal is to explore NTK as a complex space, examining how the social environment interacts with the physical building architecture and how we might develop that relationship in this unique setting.

Our support extends beyond the library community to the local community as well. We aim to develop the library as a space for open communications.

You can view our materials on the second floor TVs and on our YouTube channel.


Gallery NTK

Our team works closely with Gallery NTK in organizing cultural activities, at least one event per semester.


We collaborate with the film distribution company Artcam to organize monthly movie screenings, the film club NTKino.


In 2010, we developed the The Art of NTK project, which featured creations by students from the Department of Multimedia and Graphics at the University of Hradec Kralove in conjunction with out team. The artists interacted with the library and its environment, spacially and socially. They created a video about the life, attitudes, and positions of a student, integrating his visual interpretation of personal insights.

We've also collaborated with the Thomas Vanek Prague Academy of Fine Arts, Studio Domink Lang and Edith Jerabkova at the University of Applied Arts. The project resulted in the videos displayed on the library monitors.

Culture at NTK

For us, a library is a space that is both physically and mentally open - to people, the interchange of ideas, and to art. Our space itself was the result of collaboration between architects, engineers, designers, theorists and artists; these intellectual intersections continue to this day.

The inspiring architecture of the library (including the well-known interior atrium murals byRomanian artist Dan Perjovschi) foster critical inquiry, exhibit a sense of humor, and contribute to what we hope is a unique aesthetic experience.

Our cultural events and cooperations with artists aim to illustrate the reciprocal creative spark between art and science.

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