Measuring Czech Research Impact

NTK's Bibliometrics Working Group analyzes academic publishing trends over national boundaries.

The NTK bibliometrics working group utilizes the latest international bibliometrics trends, using citation analysis and quantitative comparison to harvest valuable information about the impact of Czech science and research worldwide.

One useful resource for those analyzing publishing impact is Elsevier’s International Comparative Performance of the Czech Republic Research Base 2012, a quantitative report comparing Czech science and research publications to selected countries between 2002-2011.

Our working group actively is engaged in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport’s IPN project methodology, which is working to develop a new system for financing, developing and innovating research in the Czech Republic.

Key activities for the group last year included editing the profiles of Czech public universities in the bibliographic and citation database Scopus. Consolidation of numerous duplicate institutional affiliations (76 false profiles in total) now allows you to more accurately follow the output of Czech publishing.

If you are interested in citation databases and related topics, please feel free to contact us.


Mr. Jakub Szarzec (Bibliographics Working Group Lead Researcher)

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