Quiet Study Room

Designed especially for registered patrons who need more silence to study. Located on the 3rd floor (Quiet Zone).


  • 20 seats
  • Tables with connection to electricity and data network
  • Access to Wi-Fi


Access is free of charge to registered library patrons. Seats cannot be booked in advance.


  • Be quiet.
  • Use the room for individual studies only.
  • When working with electronic devices, be particularly respectful of others.
  • Not distract others by listening to music, watching videos, or playing video games (even with headphones).
  • Consume food outside the room; e.g., in the nearby refreshment corner.
  • Use only one seat.
  • Respect maximum room capacity (20 seats) and not modify room furnishings in any way.

All Library Rules and Regulations apply.

Photo: Quiet study room



 (+420) 232 002 535

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