Energy and Power Engineering

This subject guide will help you find information resources in the field of energy and power engineering. Current information can be found in electronic articles and on selected websites. In addition, the library also provides access to many print and electronic books.


New Books

Cover: Modular Systems for Energy  Cover: Econometrics of Green Energy    Cover: Global Energy Politics 

Newly Arrived Print Journal Issues

Most recent print journals are available in our Periodicals Reading Room (third floor, to the right of the elevator). 

Electronic Books

If you need eBooks on energy and power engineering, you can use the library search tool or search specific databases.

Print Books on Energy and Power Engineering

Recommended Print Books

Print Books on Energy and Power Engineering

Print books on energy and power engineering can be found mainly on the 4th floor, books on nuclear energy are on the 3rd floor. Use the shelf and location (call numbers) below to browse topical areas. Additional books are in underground storage; login to the catalog to retrieve them.

Rare Books

Our collection includes also rare books and journals published before 1920.

Online Articles

All NTK resources are searchable through the main search box on NTK website. You can also search directly in specific databases recommended for searching energy and power engineering articles. Registered user can access these resources also remotely from their homes.

Online Journals

Most journals are published online and NTK registered users can access them remotely from home. List of all eJournals available via NTK can be found here.
The following list includes links to the most popular energy and power engineering journals.

Print Journals

You can find full list of our print journals from the field of energy and power engineering in the library catalog.

The most recent issues of our print journals are available in the Periodicals Reading Room (on the third floor).

List of available print journals on energy and power engineering

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