Lesamáj 2022

Hello there! We are back! Lesamáj is finally coming back to its original form and you can look forward to a day full of music, plays, workshops, author reading, etc.

We are a multigenre festival that builds on a tradition of student cooperation and solidarity.

The entrance is free!

We also launched a nomination for HER/HIS MAJESTY. The form is available right HERE.

The election is very important to us, so feel free to nominate your personal favorites!

This year, you can also look forward to student village, where you can find out, how student associations are having fun during the year.

Program and other details will be added shortly, so stay tuned!

Website is also in the making :-)

We can't wait to see you on Lesamáj 2022!!

Follow the Facebook page for current and more detailed information.

4th May 2022


Hynek Pátý

Ursula Sereghy

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