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The transformation of the Campus is also in our hands. Already in 2018 , the students protested against the appearance of the campus and named the malfunction of Technická Street as the main shortcoming. Much has changed since then, and many public opinion polls have been developed to revitalize the Dejvice Campus. It was entrusted to the MCA studio run by the renowned architect Pavla Melková (link below). However, we have decided that Technická Street should serve students and schools now, and therefore will be transformed into the experimental socio-scientific space of our campus for three months of this year.

From April to June, the street will be closed and there will be a bar run by Dejvická Klubovna. There will be many places to relax or study, celebrate success with friends or clear your head of strenuous learning. The equipment will also include an amphitheater for about 25 people with a blackboard, where it will be possible to hold lectures, presentations or tutoring.

An integral part of Vektor Technická is a busy program. You can look forward to concerts and DJs or a popularization program every week, so it will finally not be a mystery what is happening behind the impenetrable walls of the campus buildings. But mainly! Vector Technical is to serve students. This means that whenever you feel like doing something, whether it's a concert by your student band, a lecture on what your lab does, group student tutoring, or even a sock sewing workshop, it's no problem to arrange it. We will help you in everything we can.

The Vector Technical program will be gradually revealed and you can watch it either on the Campus Dejvice website in the section calendar or on the FB profile of the Vektor Technická or on the IG profileof the Vektoru Technická.

The project was created under the auspices of the Dejvice Campus institutions (CTU, ICT, IOCB, NTL and KTF), Prague 6 and the City Hall.

from April to June 2022,


Hynek Pátý

Ursula Sereghy

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