Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is a complex field utilizing methods from biology, biochemistry and physics, including specific technical equipment. Because of continuous innovation in this area, we try to select the most recent and valid publications for you, including print and electronic books and journals as well as the newest experimental methods and devices.


Newly arrived journal issues

Most recent print journals available in our Periodicals Reading Room (third floor to right of elevator).

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Other library books

Subject Shelf Call number
Analysis and data processing, MATLAB 4D/069-4D/075 TK5102.9
Biophysics 5C/332-5C/333 QH505
Bioinformatics 5C/329-5C/330 QH324.2
Biomaterials 5C/366-5C/369 R857
Biomechanics i.a. 5C/332-5C/333 QH513
Medical devices 5C/362-5C/366 R856
Radiology 5C/033-5C/035 QC795

Library books about medical imaging devices

Subject Shelf Call number
Chromatography 5C/133-5C/145 QD79.C
Crystallography 5C/294-5C/299 QD900-QD999
Microscopy 5C/323-5C/324 QH201-QH299
Radiodiagnostics 5C/387 RM801-RM899
Spectroscopy (EPR, NMR..) 5C/150-5C/153 QD96
Spectroscopy optical (IR, Raman..) 5C/163-5C/164 QC454
Tomography 5C/379-5C/380 RC78.7
Ultrasound 4B/004 TA417.4

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Electronic Journals

Alphabetical list of eJournals with medical and biomedical topics

Print Journals

The list of our print journals on Biomedical Engineering can be accessed here. You can find the most recent two volumes of our print journals in the Periodicals Reading Room on the 3rd floor:

ISSN Title Periodicals Reading Room Older volumes
Applied spectroscopy 3D/038 Storage
  AXIOM innovations 3D/042 Storage
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry - also ONLINE 3D/040 Storage
1373-1580 Clinical laboratory international 3D/041 Storage
0301-5491 Clinician and technology - also ONLINE 3D/041 5C/365
IHE International hospital equipment 3D/041 Storage
Labor aktuell 3D/041 5C/378
1211–5053 Praktická radiologie - also ONLINE (for members of SRLA ČR only) 3D/041 5C/370
0862-8947 (print), 2336-3541 (online) Remedia - also ONLINE 3D/042 5C/384, Storage

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