Developments under the umbrella term nanotechnology are rapid, but the library is keeping pace, offering both print and electronic materials spanning subspeciality areas. If you feel something is missing from our collection and have a suggestion for new books or other materials in this ever-evolving area, please let us know.


New books in Nanotechnology

Cover: Nanosensors and nanodevices for smart multifunctional textiles Cover: Nanosensors for smart manufacturing Cover: Bionanotechnology : concepts and applications Cover: Introduction to quantum nanotechnology : a problem focused approach Cover: Electronics in advanced research industries : industry 4.0 to industry 5.0 advances Cover: Green synthesis of nanomaterials for bioenergy applications Cover: Sample preparation with nanomaterials : next generation techniques and applications Cover: Nanomaterials and photocatalysis in chemistry : mechanistic and experimental approaches Cover: Green synthesis in nanomedicine and human health Cover: 21st century nanoscience : a handbook. Volume 4, Low-dimensional materials and morphologies Cover: Nanotechnology in cement-based construction Cover: New materials in civil engineering

New books are located on the 4th floor (Information Desk) and you can check them out using the SelfCheck machines located on the ground, second, and third floors of the library.

Electronic books

 Open Access eBooks can be found at  DOAB.

Recommended eBooks

In 2018, the National Library of Technology purchased the collection of four major publishers: Springer, Taylor&Francis, Elsevier a Wiley.

Nanoscience in Food and Agriculture 5 Microscale Soft Robotics Nanomaterials in Daily Life Nanotechnology and Sustainable Development Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy: Applications in Nanomaterials

Print books

Subject Shelf Call Number
Nanotechnology 5D/151 T174.7
Nanostructure materials 4B/015 TA418.9.N35
Applied optics. Photonics (Nanophotonics) 4B/071 TA1530
Microelectronics (Nanoelectronics) 3A/009 - 3A/010 TK7874
MEMS (Nanotechnology) 3A/010 TK7875
Biotechnology (Nanobiotechnology) 3B/171 TP248
Physics (Nanostructures) 5B/129 QC176.8.N35
Biomedical engineering (Nanotechnology) 5C/369 R856-R857
Medicine (Nanotechnology) 5C/369 R857.N34

Recommended books

Viral nanotechnology Nanomaterials, nanotechnologies and design : an introduction for engineers and architects Fundamentals and applications of nanomaterials Nanocomputing : computational physics for nanoscience and nanotechnology

Online Articles

Electronic Journals

Alphabetical list of eJournals focused on Nanotechnology

Open Access journals can be found at DOAJ

Recommended Journal

Print Journals

Cover  ISSNTitlePrint/Online version
Cover: Nanomaterials in energy and environmental applications


IEEE nanotechnology magazine : for the 21st century technologist

Print only to 2014. Online since 2015.


Nature nanotechnology

Print only to 2014. Online since 2015.


Diamond and related materials

Print only to 2014. Online since 2015.


IET nanobiotechnology

Print only to 2014. Online since 2007.

NIMS now international

Print only.


Material matters

Print only.


IEEE journal of photovoltaics

Print only to 2014. Online since 2015.

Other print journals can be found using the library catalog.


Reference resources

Encyclopedias and Handbooks

Cover: Handbook of innovative nanomaterials : from syntheses to applications Cover: Springer handbook of nanotechnology Cover: Nanoparticle technology handbook Handbook of micromechanics and nanomechanics Cover: Nanomaterials handbook Cover: CRC concise encyclopedia of nanotechnology


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