Communicating Research in English

NTK is pleased to provide comprehensive support for effectively communicating the results of your research in English including:

  • Demystification of (and strategies for) academic reputation optimization online
  • Learning how to deliver oral presentations in various settings and for different kinds of audiences
  • Navigating the process of working with editorial teams, including communications with native and non-native English reviewers
  • Editorial feedback on language in articles, conference papers, and other outputs written in English
  • Thinking critically about bibliometrics, scholarly publishing mechanisms, and offers—including those by so-called “predators” and aggressive commercial entities

Our services are intended to supplement your collaborations with university mentors and colleagues in a manner tailored to your individual needs.

We provide regularly-scheduled and customized instruction on all of the topics listed on the Home tab, and are always eager to incorporate new ideas and trends.

Winter Semester 2020/21 Courses


Upon selection only; contact: Alena Chodounská

Archived Course Material

Advisory Services

For PhD students and scholars, I am happy to review materials for submission or re-submission (but not translation). There is no fee for this service, which is quite personal (as opposed to online, fee-based services) and includes in-person consultation about suggestions and concepts.

The library provides for your use a variety of (highly underutilized) resources regarding effective communication of research. These include dictionaries and encyclopedias regarding specific disciplinary areas, print and eBooks, and—last but not least—eResources the library provides, the majority of which contain English language content.

Knowledge Navigation Corner

To making finding print resources easier for you, we have placed key materials in one location, on the reference shelf in the Main Service Hall (the “Knowledge Nativation Corner”). Many of these books were selected in collaboration with the CTU Scientific Writing and Publication Course instructors.

Additional Books and eBooks


Please contact me for information regarding editorial guidelines for a particular publication or professional society. Here are several useful resources of general interest.

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