The library's collection contains materials in the fields of transport management, planning, economics, engineering; motor vehicles, aeronautics, astronautics, and the automotive industry. We actively collect materials in these fields, with a large number of print and online books and journals supplemented by other online resources and web pages

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SubjectShelfCall Number
Transportation and communications 6A209-220 HE1 - HE300
Urban transportation 6A221 HE305 - HE311
Transportation geography, trade routes 6A222 HE323 - HE327
Traffic engineering 6A223-225 HE331 - HE380
Water transportation 6A226-227 HE380.8 - HE971
Railroads 6A228-232 HE1001 - HE5600
Automotive transportation 6A233-235 HE5601 - HE5725
Postal service 6A236-237 HE6000 - HE7500
Air transportation, airlines 6A239-240 HE9761 - HE9900
Transportation engineering 4B065-068 TA1001 - TA1280
Canals and inland navigation, waterways 4B100 TC601 - TC791
Highway engineering, roads and pavements 4B153-164 TE1-TE450
Railroad engineering and operation 4B165-187 TF1-TF1620
Bridge engineering 4B188-B192 TG1 -TG304
Heat engines 4C147-151 TJ255 - TJ265
Turbines. turbomachines (general) 4C152-153 TJ266 - TJ267.5
Steam engineering 4C154-155 TJ268 - TJ740
Miscellaneous motors and engines 4C156-160 TJ751 - TJ805
Machinery exclusive of prime movers 4C176-182 TJ1040 - TJ1119.2
Hoisting and conveying machinery 4C200-201 TJ1350 - TJ1418
Lifting and pressing machinery, agricultural machinery, farm machinery 4C202-203 TJ1425 - TJ1496
Telecommunication 4D047-124 TK5101 - TK6720
Motor vehicles, aeronautics, astronautics 3A075-3B029 TL1 - TL4050
Mine transportation, haulage and hoisting 3B072-73 TN331 - TN347
Military (maintenance and transportation) 3C211 UC10 - UC780
Military engineering, air forces, air warfare 3C212-215 UG1-UG1530
Navigation. merchant marine 3C216 VK1 - VK1661
Naval architecture, shipbuilding, marine engineering 3C217-219 VM1-VM989

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Current volumes of print journals in transport are located in the Periodicals Reading Room on the third floor, shelves 3D112-113. Visit also shelves 3D115-116 (railroads) and 3D169-3D179 (motor vehicles, aeronautics, astronautics).

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