Programming Languages

NTK offers thousands of books about programming languages, mostly available in sector 6D or online on Ebook Central (former Ebrary) or SpringerLink. New eBooks are comming mostly from field-oriented collections such as Computers & IT or Science, Technology, Medicine. If you feel any crucial thematic publication is missing please don't hesitate to suggest a purchase.


New books in Electrotechnics & Electronics and Computer Science

Microsoft Visual Basic : krok za krokem C++ bez předchozích znalostí C# bez předchozích znalostí Programovací jazyk C++ Algoritmy v jazyku C a C++ Guide to Fortran 2008 programming Core Java Oracle certified professional Java SE 8 programmer exam 1Z0-809 : a comprehensive OCPJP 8 certification guide Java 8 : výukový kurz You don't know JS : ES6 and beyond Node.js Okamžitě Python data science handbook : essential tools for working with data Python playground : geeky projects for the curious programmer Python crash course : a hands-on, project-based introduction to programming MySQL okamžitě Cover: Mastering Lambdas

Newly Arrived Print Journal Issues

The Periodicals Reading Room is on the 3rd floor to the right of the elevators in section 3D. There you can find the most recent issues of print journals including fields like electronics, technology, and others.

Electronic Books

Print Books

Subject Shelf Call Number
Ada 6D/012 QA76.73.A35
Assembler 6D/012 QA76.73.A8
Basic 6D/012-6D/014 QA76.73.B3
C, C++, C# 6D/014-6D/019 QA76.73.C15
Fortran 6D/019-6D/020 QA76.73.F25
Java 6D/020-6D/023 QA76.73.J38
JavaScript 6D/023 QA76.73.J39
Pascal 6D/024-6D/026 QA76.73.P37
Perl 6D/026 QA76.73.P47
PHP 6D/024 QA76.73.P224
Prolog 6D/026 QA76.73.P76
Python 6D/026 QA76.73.P98
SQL, MySQL 6D/027 QA76.73.S67

Recommended Books

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